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Why Greens Supplements Are Essential To Your Health

Why Greens Supplements Are Essential To Your Health

“Eat your greens” is a popular saying that we’ve all heard on numerous occasions throughout our lifetimes. And for good reason! Leafy greens offer us a number of great benefits, such as the aid in weight management, reducing the risk of cancer and heart disease, and also providing us with valuable nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

As important as these nutrients are, however, many of us are still unsuccessful in taking in these leafy greens. For some of us, it can be a bit hard (or just simply undesirable) to fit in the daily amount of vegetables we need in our meals.

This is where “greens supplements” come into play. Greens supplements are essentially a full day’s worth of fruits and vegetables in a single pill or powder. Usually, they contain a mixture of nutritious foods such as legumes, grasses, chlorella, alfalfa, and others. Unsurprisingly enough, the green supplements category is also one of the most rapidly-growing categories in the supplement industry.

And that’s only just the gist of it.

Why greens supplements are so important

If you check out the numbers, only a small portion of adults are consuming their recommended servings of fruits/vegetables per day. Fruits and vegetables are loaded with nutrients that our bodies can benefit from. Yet, we as a whole still do not take in our recommended servings!

Green drinks or powders are all assortments of fruits and vegetables concentrated into a prepared form. This makes it especially easier for you to integrate most of your recommended servings of fruits and vegetables in your diet.

We say “most of your recommended servings” because greens supplements are not a replacement of eating fruits and vegetables entirely. You will still want to get additional benefits and nutrients from actual fruits and vegetables. However, unless you consume over 10 servings of fruits and vegetables per day, you may want to consider adding a greens supplement into your diet.

Additional benefits

Greens supplements can also help to balance our internal pH levels! Everything we eat influences our body’s pH balance. Being that many of our diets contain a large percentage or protein, dairy, and grains, our internal system tends to be extremely acidic. Additionally, a consistent exercise program can also spark increased acid production because of constant muscle contractions.

Unbalanced pH levels can lead to decreased bone health and impaired thyroid function. Being that they are so alkaline, you can further improve your body’s acid-base balance by consuming greens supplements!

What’s more, eating more fruits & vegetables (or greens supplements, in this case) can also reduce the risk of high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, obesity, stroke, and various forms of cancer!

Choosing & using your greens supplement

As we said, the greens supplements category is one of the fastest-growing categories in the supplement industry. With so many greens supplements on the market, you need to be sure that the product you buy is certified organic, because they were created following stricter guidelines. We recommend trying out supplements like Blackstone Labs Juiced Up or MTS Nutrition Machine Greens.

As we also mentioned, the great thing about green drinks, pills, or powders is that they are all easily integratable into your current diet. Whether it be making a smoothie, popping a pill, or even including it in a baked good, greens supplements can be ingested in a variety of simple ways.

Have you ever taken any greens supplements yourself? Have you found that ingesting greens supplements personally provides you a range of benefits? If so, what are they? Please share with us your own personal greens supplements experiences in the comment section below!


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