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Six Cheat Meals That You Are ALLOWED To Eat

Six Cheat Meals That You Are ALLOWED To Eat

We all need a break from our diet now and then. However, if we overdo those precious cheat meals of ours, they can actually set us two steps back after we may have made a step forward. Our “cheat meal” decisions are just as important as our commitment to our diet plans and/or workout regimes.

In saying that, however, what’s the point of scheduling out a cheat meal without being able to enjoy it? Well, to make it easier for you, we’re here to list six cheat meals that will NOT ruin your diet. Take this list into consideration the next time you’re looking for an extra energy booster you can enjoy!


Ah yes, a favorite dessert for many. Chocolate is a great substitute for some other cheat meals that you may usually choose. In fact, a one-ounce serving of chocolate per day has proven to reduce a ton of chronic diseases!

Additionally, chocolate can also improve your overall emotional well-being. Luckily, this chocolate listing isn’t only limited to “dark” chocolate either. We mean any kind of chocolate…so long as you’re eating a fair portion of it.


Like to go for a couple of scoops out of your favorite flavor of ice cream? Consider going for a couple of scoops of gelato instead! Made with real milk instead of cream, gelato contains around 30% fewer calories per serving!

Gelato is also much denser and can also be served at a warmer temperature, making it much more enjoyable (and convenient) to eat! Try sticking to a 1/2 cup portion to keep that calorie intake in check.


You see the commercials and advertisements everywhere, but have you ever tried any yourself? Although pistachios can be a bit high in calories, they can be a great substitute if you enjoy eating pretzels or other salty snacks.

Pistachios contain healthy fats and protein that can help you feel full longer. It’s also loaded with nutrients, such as magnesium and potassium. What’s more, one ounce of this delicious snack is equivalent to around fifty pistachios! How about that!?


A simple delicacy that meets the hearts of many. Popcorn is a favorite treat among many households, and for good reason. It tastes delicious! However, many people tend to over-butter their popcorn, and that’s where it can become a problem

However, if you’re not eating popcorn with butter or with any artificial flavoring, popcorn in itself contains a low amount of calories. A three-cup serving of natural popcorn is only 150 calories! But, if you do want to add a little extra spunk to the flavoring, consider adding a tablespoon of natural yeast. This will give your snack a bit of a cheesy flavor, plus it’s full of B vitamins and protein!

Veggie Chips

Whether you make them with carrots, parsnip, kale, or sweet potatoes, veggie chips are a great way to turn raw vegetables into a crunchy snack. Veggie chips can be a great health booster. Plus, you can eat a ton of them without actually “cheating” on your diet. If you’re interested in this delicious treat, try seasoning them with a bit of sea salt and some olive oil!

Fajitas & Burritos

That’s right! If you actually think about it, when you take apart a burrito, it’s essentially just a mix of different salad components. Some lettuce, cheese, avocado, beans, then wrapping it up in a roll. To keep it healthy the next time you’re at your favourite Mexican restaurant, skip out on the rice and go double on the beans (extra protein!)


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