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EHP Labs Oxywhey


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EHP Labs Oxywhey

Straight from the makers of the forever popular “Oxyshred” fat burner comes a brand new post-workout supplement. Oxywhey is EHP Labs’ latest protein powder product made out of 100% lean whey protein. So what makes Oxywhey so great? And why have so many people already fallen in love with it? Well, let’s dive right into it.

What Does Oxywhey Consist Of?

Each serving of EHP Labs’ Oxywhey consists of a whopping 24g of protein, making it an ideal post-workout supplement. Additionally, each serving also contains only 110-130 calories and less than 2g of carbohydrates and fat (half of which coming from dietary fibers.)

As far as other ingredients are concerned, there is no sugar added to Oxywhey, but there is Sucralose included as a sweetener. Oxywhey is also Gluten-free, but it is not lactose-free as it is, in fact, whey protein.

The proteins that make up this supplement are at a 7:2:1 ratio (70% whey isolate, 20% whey concentrate, 10% micellar casein.) For those of you who have no idea what that means, the idea is that these three types of proteins will give you a three-hour release of protein. The whey isolate and whey concentrate are essential for post-workout as they are fast-digesting, whereas the micellar casein is a slow-digesting protein that keeps you full and will have a longer effect on your muscles. Micellar Casein is especially useful for when you go to sleep.

When Should You Take Oxywhey

Obviously, post-workout supplements are especially good to take post-workout, but you can really take Oxywhey at any time of the day. Realistically, you can take a protein shake anytime throughout the day when you feel that you need some extra protein. Although we encourage getting the majority of your macronutrients from real food, Oxywhey provides as a great meal replacement for when you’re on-the-go or in a hurry.

Oxywhey Also Contains Amino-Acids

In terms of amino-acids, you will get 5.3g of BCAAs per serving. You should still take BCAAs in addition to this supplement, but this product can definitely help you tack on some extra amino-acids into your diet.

Benefits of Amino-Acids include providing support with:

  • Reducing Muscle Soreness
  • Enhancing Muscle Protein Synthesis
  • Muscle Recovery

Oxywhey Is Available In The Following Flavours:

  • Strawberry Milkshake
  • Mocha
  • Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Banana Bliss
  • Delicious Chocolate

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Delicious Chocolate, Vanilla Icecream, Mocha, Banana Bliss, Strawberry Milkshake


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