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Prodigy Feature: Rich Piana & 5% Nutrition Supplements

Prodigy Feature: Rich Piana & 5% Nutrition Supplements

Rich Piana is a pro bodybuilder, business owner, and possibly one of the most controversial fitness personalities in the industry. Why, you ask? He’s one of the only bodybuilders who is completely open about his use of anabolic steroids.

In any sport, especially bodybuilding, this would be a huge “no-no,” and it’s clear why Piana could be so controversial. Standing at 6′ 1″, weighing anywhere between 260-290 pounds, and covered in tattoos, the guy is an absolute monster. There’s no doubt as to why some people could find him a bit threatening at first glance.

However, as threatening as his presence may be, Rich is quite honestly a really nice dude. Whether it be during interviews or at a convention booth, Rich is an extremely approachable guy with a big heart. He’s always looking for the next opportunity to interact with his fans and help a fellow fitness enthusiast. Even if they are just beginning their bodybuilding journey.

Piana’s Background

Piana did not simply take a liking to the bodybuilding world, he was born into it. The son of a body-building mother in Sacramento, California, Rich Piana recounts spending the majority of his childhood at Gold’s Gym watching his mother work out. He also recalls having a ton of He-Man action figures as a kid, and soon “realized that there were real (He-Man) characters like this” that actually exist.

What’s more is that he noticed that the interaction people had with bigger guys with muscles was a bit different. He realized that bigger guys at the gym usually received more respect and that women were more attracted to them as well.

And that’s all it took. Rich became hooked.

By 11 years old, he had already picked up his first weight and by 13 had begun training and eating properly to compete. Once he reached 15 years of age, Rich was finally ready to compete for his first bodybuilding competition at his high school. He had ranked 4th out of around twenty competitors.

By 18, he had moved to Los Angeles and started training more and more at the world-famous Gold’s Gym Venice. But, shortly after, Piana started to drift away from competitive bodybuilding after feeling like he was “putting in too much without getting anything in return.” He had nearly completely disappeared from the bodybuilding industry entirely.

Why Did He Leave?

In the meantime, Piana discovered new avenues of success that he decided to pursue. Rich was first introduced to mutual funds but later became interested in day trading and real estate. He even bought his first house at just 23 years old and states that his equity “went through the roof.” From there, he continued to buy and sell more real estate over the years.

But still after all these new ventures, Rich couldn’t escape his love for bodybuilding. Miraculously enough, Rich was contacted by Mutant Supplements even though he had completely removed himself from the industry. Mutant asked Rich if he would be interested in becoming the face of the brand. Tasks would involve being in a video series, spending time at convention booths, and essentially learning how the industry works.

Rich gladly accepted, and his first steps back into bodybuilding had officially begun.

Through his time at Mutant, Rich experienced first-hand how to launch and consistently grow a supplement company. Mutant’s videos and promo tactics were revolutionary, and Rich had certainly played a major role in the company’s success. Shortly after his expedition with Mutant, Rich had finally decided that he wanted to start a company of his own.

And thus, 5% Nutrition was born.

According to Rich’s website, 5% represents “the percentage of people that are out there actually doing what it takes to fulfill their dreams, accomplish their goals, and live the type of life they want”. If they have a positive mentality and live the lifestyle they want, anyone can be a 5%er. A 5%er could be anybody, whether it be an athlete or a business professional.

In addition to that, Rich has developed an extremely popular YouTube channel as well. With nearly a million subscribers, you can find hundreds of videos that cover a variety of topics. Looking for workout and diet plans? He’s got it. Interviews with other bodybuilders and fitness personalities? No problem. Rich even covers topics revolved around his own personal use of anabolic steroids!

Now, it’s important to note that Rich has NEVER promoted the use of steroids.  Instead, Rich educates his viewers on how to avoid anabolic steroid’s side effects for those who do use them. He stresses the importance of cycling on and off steroids if you’re using them while consistently keeping your organs healthy. Most importantly, he understands that the use of steroids is essentially an addiction, and an unhealthy one at that. After all, he is experienced in the subject, given that he’s claimed to have used steroids for over 25 years!

The Supplements

Besides the tremendous community that Rich has built, 5% Nutrition strives to provide the best possible supplements for any athlete. And with that said, Prodigy Australia is proud to sell ALL of Rich Piana’s supplements right here at our shop. Such supplements include:

5% Nutrition – 5150: The first of the pair of pre-workouts Rich Piana offers. 5150 is perfect for those who usually need 2-3 scoops of general pre-workout in order to feel the effect they’re looking for. Packed with a ton of stimulants and energizers, 5150 is sure to create a feeling of motivation and focus that you’ve never felt before.

5% Nutrition – KILL ITThe second of the pair of pre-workouts Rich Piana offers. Unlike 5150, KILL IT’s only stimulant is 250 MGs of caffeine. Instead, the ingredients in KILL IT predominantly contains a large amount of arginine to optimize blood flow. All that extra blood to your muscles is what will help make them grow!

5% Nutrition – CreaTENRich Piana understands that creatine isn’t just creatine anymore, but rather what combination of creatines are in a product. So, just as the name suggests, Rich decided to combine TEN of the best creatines into one supplement. Realizing that the body doesn’t use a lot of the creatine we ingest and tends to create an excess of waste, Rich created a product that offers the body ten different ways for the supplement to reach your muscles.

5% Nutrition – Liver & Organ Defender: Vital organs are no joke, and Rich Piana doesn’t think so either. With that said, Rich created a supplement that offers support to all the vital organs athletes are so desperately concerned about. Whether it be the liver, heart, kidneys, prostate, or skin, Liver & Organ Defender will do wonders in regards to protection.

5% Nutrition – All Day You MayWhat is essentially an amino-acid supplement, All Day You May is Rich Piana’s latest dietary supplement that contains not only BCAA’s, but also EAA’s, vitamins, and antioxidants. Key benefits of this product include providing valuable liver and joint support, flooding the body with key nutrients, and boosting overall muscle stamina and physical performance.

5% Nutrition – Full As F*ckAlmost like KILL IT, Full As F*ck’s primary goal is to open up your blood vessels to allow optimal blood flow to the muscles. Blood vessels are the highway system of our body, and cells are the cars that drive on them. In those cells carry the nutrients our muscles need to recover efficiently after being broken down so much during a killer workout. Full As F*ck carries the best combination of Nitric Oxide boosters that will expand your blood vessels to its maximum potential.

5% Nutrition – Real FoodYou won’t be able to gain muscle without constantly eating. In fact, Rich claims to eat more than ten times a day! However, it’s hard for a lot of us to fit in time to make (let alone eat) all those meals throughout the day. That’s why Rich created Real Food. This dietary supplement contains a ton of whole food carbohydrate sources and is the perfect post-workout recovery tool. If that’s not enough, it also tastes AMAZING! With flavors like sweet potato pie or blueberry cobbler, you’re guaranteed to find your fix.

So What Does Rich Piana’s Day-To-Day Look Like?

As a bodybuilder for over 30 years, you could probably guess that Rich has completed and created an extraordinary number of workout programs. However, one of his most interesting programs Rich has developed was introduced to us earlier this year. In October 2015, Rich Piana pledged to upload a video every day for three months starting the Monday after New Years, 2016. During this tenure, Rich promises that everyone who follows each and every direction will have gained 30+ pounds of straight muscle. And yes, you have the option of doing this program with or without steroids.

You can check out the initial video below:

Now, we are not going to post every single video of this cycle, but we can show you some of the key highlights.

Rich starts off his mornings waking up at 6am and IMMEDIATELY pounds down a drink full of BCAA’s. Soon after, he does 15 minutes of fasted cardio to prevent the body from gaining too much weight from fat.

After the cardio, Rich cooks himself some breakfast. What’s interesting about Rich is that he claims to eat the same breakfast every day! Egg whites, oatmeal, repeat. As unsatisfying as this may sound, Rich stresses that the food is not for his enjoyment, but rather to serve a purpose.

Rich also stresses that you have to maintain that mentality about food throughout the entire program. What you may also notice while watching his videos is that Rich eats pretty fast. And we mean really, really fast. At the beginning of this program, participants will only be eating 4 meals per day. However, towards the end of the cycle, participants will be eating at least ten times per day! There’s no question that this is not an easy feat, but Rich states in the Day 1 episode that he likes to train himself in the beginning of the program to eat quickly. That way, by the time it’s time to eat ten meals per day, he’s ready to slam down his plate to get it out of the way.

As far as workouts go, Rich mentions that participants will never be on a set schedule. In order to achieve the 30+ pounds of muscle in just three months, Rich encourages everybody to “keep the body guessing.” He explains that as people stick to the same weekly workout regime, the body naturally adapts. And when the body naturally adapts, there is no longer any capability of the muscle areas improving.

Two Key Workouts

Amidst this muscle-packing course, Piana can be found performing two special workouts on a daily basis: Vacuums and Feeder Workouts.

Vacuums are an exercise that has been around since the golden age of bodybuilding. In fact, Arnold Schwarzenegger talks about vacuums a lot in his encyclopedia of modern bodybuilding. He and all who perform vacuums claim that it has helped them to achieve a smaller and tighter waist. To complete a proper vacuum, stand in front of a mirror and suck your stomach under your rib cage. One rep & set is equal to a 15-second hold. Ideally, you should aim to do three sets of vacuums three times a day.

Feeder workouts are workouts that consist of 100 reps of a specific exercise. Rich usually mixes three sets of two different exercises when doing feeder workouts. It’s also worth noting that he suggests using a very light weight (he uses 15-pound dumbbells) for this specific workout, as the high amount of reps can create a substantial muscle burn. Additionally, he only recommends doing feeder workouts as soon as you are about to go to bed. Rich claims that exercising and envisioning muscle growth right before bed can boost your mentality upon awakening the next day.

You can check out the first day of this process below:


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