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Only a few things in life are more valuable to a bodybuilder than his sleep. Feeling drained, crashing, irritability and stunted fitness progress are just a few of the effects of poor sleep. Poor sleep can set you back on your fitness goals.

An old adage asserts that fitness is 80 percent diet, 20 percent exercise, but that equation is missing 33 percent: the 8 hours you should be sleeping. That’s when the body rests and recovers from hard workouts.

During sleep, the body secretes the majority of its anabolic hormones. The deeper and longer your sleep cycles, the greater the anabolic hormone secretions. Sleep can be an even bigger problem if you workout too close to your bedtime.

Stress – and life in general – can get in the way of your sleep. So before going through another sleepless night, check out the supplements on this page which help you sleep better and recover faster for yet another day at the gym.

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