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Most pre-workouts in the market today have caffeine. Caffeine is the stimulant in the pre-workouts that provides you an instant boost of energy, but there is a major problem associated with the caffeinated pre-workouts. Although stimulated pre-workouts provide you with insane energy in the gym, they make you crash as soon as you step out of the gym. This can be a problem if you workout in the morning just before work or even if you workout close to your bedtime. Caffeine can interfere with your sleep and keep you up at night.

Some people are caffeine intolerant but need a pre-workout to power their workouts. Caffeine free pre-workouts are a relatively new product segment. Out of the 500+ pre-workout supplements on the global market, only 50 are stimulant free. But since these 50 products are new, all of them are not effective and worth spending the money on.

Many stimulant free pre-workouts fall short while testing as they are derived from their caffeinated predecessors which have a stimulant backbone. The pre-workouts on this page are all battle tested and guaranteed to provide you results in the gym without making you crash and will let you sleep at night for rest and recovery.

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