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Interview With Andy Magee – Mr Physique Open Champion 2016.

Interview with Andy Magee – Mr Physique Open Champion 2016.

Name: Andy Magee

Age: 31

Height: 191cm

Offseason Weight: 100kg

Contest Weight: 89kg

My story:

I have played competitive sport since I was a youngster and always enjoyed the competition aspect of sport. I started out as a top level soccer player, went to the Pan Pacific games representing Australia in high jump then moved onto Basketball in my early teens. I played basketball up until a year ago when I decided it was too much on my knees. I had been into the gym for years but never really considered much of the nutrition side of things. I jumped into a body transformation challenge a couple of years ago and after achieving some awesome results decided to take it to the next level and set my eyes on natural physique comps. From there it was a steep learning curve but I have absolutely loved every minute of it. These days I not only compete but help others with their dieting, posing and training.

Andy 1

Have you ever had any setbacks or obstacles while trying to reach your goal physique?

I think everyone has setbacks but Im happy to say I have not really faced anything that I couldn’t overcome. Dieting for competition can be about the most stressful mental challenge one can face at times so a lot of physical obstacles become easy.


What is your life like now that you’ve tasted success on the bodybuilding stage?

I think that every time you taste that success it makes you that little hungrier to set the next goal that you previously might of thought unobtainable.

Andy 2

What motivates you the most?

Personal improvement motivates me the most. Every time you come back you have a every chance to be better than your last best, that’s what motivates me.

What’s your next goal?

Next goal is to get that elusive Pro-card. Im also looking to work towards stepping on stage at the Arnold Classic


What is your current training philosophy?

Pretty much train as intensely as possible at any given stage of a diet. Leave nothing left in the tank.

My typical training split is usually 6 days on, and 1 day off. Chest, legs, back twice a week with shoulders and arms once a week.

Describe your cardio routine:

As little as humanly possible?? Haha. In the last few weeks of competition prep I was doing 2x 20min HIIT sessions as well as 5x 40min Moderate Intensity sessions.

Andy 4

What is your approach to nutrition?

I try to keep my diet as balanced as possible while sticking to whole foods as much as possible.

During this year’s INBA Nationals prep my diet was was typically something like this:

6.45am: Breakfast

1 Cup Egg Whites

30g Baby Spinach

2 Slices Abbot’s Light Rye Toast

10am: Mid-Morning

140g Chicken

120g White Rice

50g Steamed Greens

12.30pm: Arvo Snack

1 Scoop MTS Nutrition Machine Iso

60g Rice Bubbles

100g Fresh Berries (Blueberries or Raspberries)

Meal 4: Mid Afternoon

140g Lean Beef Mince

150g White Potato

50g Steamed Greens

PRE Workout: 1 Scoop OCD Pre-Workout + 5g Creatine
During Workout: 1.5 Scoops of MTS Machine Fuel Aminos

Post Workout:

1 Scoop MTS Nutrition Machine Iso

1 Medium Banana

Meal 5: Dinner

140g Chicken

120g Jasmine Rice

50g Steamed Greens

What has been your biggest accomplishment in the fitness field?

Winning gold in open mens physique at the INBA nationals. Also getting over to Las Vegas and competing in the Natural Olympia as a part of team Australia.

Andy 3

Is there anyone you’d like to thank?

My coaches that have helped me along the way – Tyson McCrea, Cam McAlister, my training partners for always pushing me and last but not least my wife and family for putting up with the endless dieting.

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