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Choosing The Best Weekly Workout Split

Choosing The Best Weekly Workout Split

Chest day, arms day, legs day, you’ve probably heard it all amongst your fitness circle and friends at the gym. But have you ever wondered what days are the most important in order to be successful in regards to achieving your fitness goals? And should they be set up in any particular order?

It turns out that setting up your weekly workout schedule is one of the key components to creating a successful fitness plan for your physical aspirations. The complex issue with this is deciding how to go about forming this schedule, though, as there are a ton of ways you can go about this. The amount of workout schedules, diet plans, and day-to-day splits that are available to the everyday person is quite mind-boggling.

However, there is a way that you can funnel them down by considering in three significant schedule requirements you should have:

1. Your workouts must fit into your weekly schedule.

The workout routine that you choose must obviously fit around your personal schedule, otherwise, what’s the point? How many days can you actually see yourself working out? Can you workout on the weekends? These are all things you need to consider.

2. Your workouts must fit your desired training frequency.

Whichever workout split you so choose, it must give you the ability to reach the weight training frequency that you feel is best for your individual experience and physical goal. Do you need a workout split that allows you to work out a muscle group once per week? Or can you do more, like two or maybe even three?

3. Your workouts must fit your physical needs and desires.

As important as fitting your training frequency into your personal schedule is, you should also give yourself the opportunity to enjoy your workouts and make sure that the smaller details suit you and your fitness goals.

From there, there are a couple of different pre-set workout splits to choose from.

The Full Body Split

Monday – Full Body Workout

Tuesday – Off

Wednesday – Full Body Workout

Thursday – Off

Friday – Full Body Workout

Saturday – Off

Sunday – Off

This workout split is best for beginners who honestly just have any goal. The three-day full body split is ideal for those who have busy schedules throughout the week and cannot commit themselves to do consecutive-day workouts. You may not be targeting one specific muscle group over another, but you will be sure to improve your physical statute more and more overall as the weeks go by. If need be, you can also do a two-day full body split as well.

The Upper/Lower Split

Monday – Upper Body Workout

Tuesday – Lower Body Workout

Wednesday – Off

Thursday – Upper Body Workout

Friday – Lower Body Workout

Saturday – Off

Sunday – Off

Directed more towards those on an intermediate or advanced level of physical fitness, the upper/lower split is perfect for those who are either looking to focus on a specific muscle group or for those looking to increase strength/get “toned.” If you cannot commit to four days per week, you eliminate one workout from the week and just alternate. So, for instance, if you were to have an upper/lower/upper workout setup in week 1, your next week 2 should be lower/upper/lower.

The Specific Muscle Group Split

Week 1:

Monday – Chest, Shoulders & Triceps

Tuesday – Back & Biceps

Wednesday – Off

Thursday – Legs & Abs

Friday – Off

Saturday – Chest, Shoulders & Triceps

Sunday – Back & Biceps

Week 2:

Monday – Off

Tuesday – Legs & Abs

Wednesday – Off

Thursday – Chest, Shoulders & Triceps

Friday – Back & Biceps

Saturday – Off

Sunday – Legs & Abs

Unlike the other splits, this one is a bi-weekly schedule that focuses on specific muscle groups rather than overall areas of the body. Specifically targetted towards intermediate and advanced fitness enthusiasts, this plan is for those who look to either build muscle or get toned. Be warned, though, that you must have a flexible schedule in order to proceed with this type of workout split.

By the way, if your goal is to lose weight, you can’t forget to do cardio! Within any of these workout plans, if losing weight or fat is your goal, it’s best to add cardio onto 3-4 of these days. However, it is crucial that you do not skip out on lifting weights as well. Lifting weights is an essential factor when trying to lose weight, and performing a high amount of reps at a low weight is what you will want to do to accomplish this.

If you are stressing out about picking the right split, don’t. You must remember that no split is always better than the other. Rather, the best split is always what works best for you and your personal schedule. Once you choose the workout split you think will help you achieve your fitness goals the best, it’s best to decide the individual workouts you will be doing on which days and at how intense of a level you will be performing them.

What is does your weekly workout split look like? Have you tried out different workout splits? If you have, did you recognize any differentiating results? Share with us in the comment section below!

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